From autumn 2023, we will also have a urologist at the clinic

Diseases and problems with the urinary tract? Urination problems? Prostate problems? Erectile dysfunction? Other problems male genitalia? Poor sperm quality? Reproductive difficulties?

Sterilization wish? Anxious about prostate, testicular or bladder cancer? Urine leakage after birth?

Our urologists from the GUA clinic in Las Palmas can examine you and find suitable treatment.

They are very experienced and well known in Gran Canaria. Dr. Francisco Juárez del Dago has run the GUA clinic for over 30 years.

They have expertise in urological problems in both women, men and children.


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Dr. Francisco Juárez del Dago
Urologist. Doctor of Medicine, expert in sexual medicine and andrology

Dr. Pablo Juárez del Dago
Urologist. Specialist in prostate and kidney surgery. Andrologist. Kidney stone treatment