Aesthetic medicine and wellbeeing

We offer laser treatments, botox treatment of migraine and sweating, aromatherapy and facial and body treatments.

A wide range of skin treatments

Laser treatments

We offer skin treatments with fractional CO2 laser – a very efficient treatment for skin improvement. It reduces and removes wrinkles, scars, pigment spots etc.

Aesthetic Medicine

We offer various forms of facial and body treatments. We cooperate with Feelgood lifestyle Contact us for information and offers. Botox treatment of migraine and sweating. Contact us for info and offers.

Botox treatment of migraine and sweating

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PRP treatment 

PRP treatment is also known as vampire treatment. It is a natural and simple treatment that strengthens skin and hair.

PRP gives good results in a short time and results last up to one year.


PRP is effective against:

-          Wrinkles and fine lines

-          Thin skin

-          Sagging and aging skin

-          Neck wrinkles

-          Discolored and sun-damaged skin

-          Acne scars

-          Stretch marks

-          Hair loss


PRP treatment has for many years been used in sports medicine and orthopedics, but in recent years has also been used in aesthetic treatments. It is also used in medicine to treat injuries, wounds and to speed up healing after jaw surgery.


PRP treatment involves using the patient's own plasma and injecting it where a repair is desired. Plasma contains small blood cells; platelets (thrombocytes). These have the task of sealing damage in blood vessels, stopping bleeding, and stimulating the repair of damage in the tissue.


There are many scientific studies showing that when plasma is injected into activated platelets in damaged tissue, growth factors and other tissue-healing factors that have been released from the platelets will result in a more efficient repair of the tissue. Increased angiogenesis will result in faster and improved blood circulation. The platelet-enriched plasma helps to repair the area being treated by giving the cells in the area increased growth and revitalization.


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